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The Andromeda Galaxy.

The fuzzy patch at the center of the image is The Andromeda Galaxy, which is the farthest object from Earth visable with the naked eye, it lies some 2.5 million light years away.
Andromeda is the largest in a cluster of galaxies known as the local group(over 30 in all), which containes
our own galaxy the Milky Way. Containing 300 billion stars, Andromedas nuclear bulge is about
12,000 light years wide, the galaxy itself is about 150,000 light years wide
There is thought to be a black hole at its core about 50 million solar masses in size.
Andromeda is another constellation well known in Greek mythology.

Piggy backed on a 10" LX200GPS
Canon AE-1 with a 35-70mm lens
5 minute exposure

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